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Documents & Paperwork…

Let us take care of all your legal paperwork so you don't have to! With years of extensive knowledge, you can safely relax and know that we'll be guiding you along each step of the way.

There are 4 different ceremony options available to those who plan to get married in Spain:

1 - Celebrate a civil ceremony in Spain. Possible only when one member of the couple has been a domiciled resident in Spain for at least 2 years.-

2 - Civil ceremony in Gibraltar. Gibraltar is just an hour away, providing the perfect opportunity if you want to be legally married on your trip out here to Spain! Your civil ceremony in Gibraltar can be followed by a symbolic ceremony or blessing in mainland Spain.

3 - Catholic Church Ceremony. This is a legally binding church marriage.

4 - Civil ceremony in the UK followed by a blessing or symbolic ceremony in Spain. A very popular option, saving you money as well as taking the necessity for paperwork away!

Required documentation for a civil celebration in Spain (paperwork may vary slightly depending on your home country)

- Birth certificates in their complete version (This is the long version with your parents' names showing)

- Passports (Original as well as full photocopies to be presented)

- Proof of residence

-Certificado de Empadronamiento - Proof of Address to be obtained in the Town Hall

- If applicable, proof of divorce or death certificate with Apostille stamp

- Freedom to marry letter (to be obtained in your British Consulate)

We will help you to translate your document into Spanish. Documents should be received by the Spanish town hall 3 months before your wedding date.

Documents required to hold a Civil Ceremony in Gibraltar

- Birth Certificates

- Passports

- Decree Finite (if divorced) plus your original marriage certificate

- Death Certificate (if applicable)

- If one of the applicants is a non-resident, in the UK, a Freedom to marry letter from the respective Consulate would be required.

- All the original documentation should be presented within a period of 3 months to 10 days before the date of the ceremony.

- The bride and the groom are required to stay one night in Gibraltar, either pre-wedding or on the wedding night.

Documents required for a Catholic Church Wedding in Spain

- Either the bride or the groom must be a confirmed Roman Catholic. However, in some instances both of you may be required to be confirmed Catholics depending on the church.

- A special dispensation should be granted by your local Parish priest who would be in charge of processing all the documentation and sending them directly to the selected church in Spain

- A period of at least 4 to 6 months should be permitted for this procedure.

After the ceremony, a certificate will be issued by the priest which should be presented to the local civil registry in order to obtain an official marriage certificate.

Civil ceremony in UK to be followed by a blessing in Spain

- Blessings can be organized in the location of your choice to be performed by your preferred officiant.

- It is a very popular alternative with UK couples due to its convenience.

Important Notice: people who are resident in a country other than the one where they were born may require additional/different documentation .Please let us know if this applies to you.