How to get started...

Dream Weddings at Marbella

Step 1 - Discover your ideal wedding venue

On inquiring, we will send you our brochure with basic prices for each venue. You can use these along with the venue details on our website to decide which you would like to shortlist. We can then send you a more detailed price guide for each one individually to help you budget. We are always available to help you shortlist and discuss options via phone, Skype or better still, to show them to you in person.

Step 2- Wedding venues tour

Our wedding venues tour takes approximately half a day and we will be visiting three or four venues together. The tour has a fee of 150 euros which is refunded to you in full once you go ahead and book your wedding through us. It is advisable to confirm your dates with us before making your travel arrangements so we can make sure each venue is available for viewing.

Step 3 - Securing your chosen venue and the date

 Once we know which venue you have chosen we will check availability for your preferred wedding date. If you could give us more than one date to check, it will save us going backward and forwards checking individual dates. As soon as we can, we'll have your preferred date held for you. From this point we need to move fairly quickly to complete contracts and hand over deposits. We'll let you know exactly where and how much you will need to put down to secure your bookings.
Now, you are safe to start posting your “save the date“ cards!
On request, we can send you a list of accommodation options closeby for your guests. We can send you a range to suit all budgets.

Step 4- Designing your wedding day timeline

We'll send over to you a typical wedding day timeline. We'll use this as a starting point and together we can tweak it and make it unique to you. We'll also be sure to include all the elements you wish to include in your day.

Step 5- Creating the perfect day

We have spent years building very special relationships with local suppliers. We are able to recommend only the very best who we know to be reliable, professional and of course, we know who offers the best value! Let us gather all the quotes you need so you can sit back and have fun choosing between all the options with all the prices to hand. Before you know it, we'll have all the elements for your day in place.

Step 6- Your required documentation

The documents you will need will depend on the country you live in now, your citizenship (if different) and the type of marriage ceremony in Spain which you have chosen. We'll let you know the exact procedure, what you need to ask for, where to ask and when. Some parts you will complete in your home country and some parts we can take over and compete for you this end. Don't worry, we will make a fabulous team and we'll guide you through each step as it comes up! More information on which particular documents you may need can be found here...

Step 7- Menu tasting (optional)

What fun! Once you have booked you wedding and paid your catering deposit, most venues offer menu tasting for the bride and groom free of charge. Come over, try some wines and soe of the amazing dishes before making your final decision. We can usually choose crockery, table cloths and glasses at the same appointment. An opportunity not to be missed!

Step 8- Double checking all the details

OK, everything seems to be in order. Now, we use this time to go over everything. We'll do a full review of your choices and we'll check everything off our checklist and make sure absolutely nothing has been forgotten and that the flow of the day will be perfect. We'll make sure your guests (and you!) have the most incredible experience.

Step 9- Personal meeting once you arrive in Spain

You made it! You're here in Spain and your wedding is just days away! Let's use this opportunity to meet and go over all the details. I'll bring with me your timeline and a list of contact numbers just in case you need anything at all. We'll check over any meeting points and I'll make sure you know exactly what to expect as the day unfolds. You might have bought over some name cards or perhaps cards for your seating chart and you can hand these to me at this meeting so I can set up and have everything just as we have planned on the day itself.

Step 10- On the wedding day...

We'll arrive early on the day of your wedding. We'll be there to set up, greet suppliers and make sure everything is exactly where it should be and as we have discussed. As your guests start to arrive, we'll be ready to welcome them and help them take their places. Throughout the day, we'll stay present but discreetly in the background. Gently guiding you and your guests through the various parts of the day and assisting where needed.